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 So what's this gonna cost?


The Psych Biller will provide valuable service and support for straightforward and reasonable fees.

One-time Set Up Fee - $200
Phone Support - flat monthly fee will be negotiated, based on practice size/volume, minimum fee is $50
Billing Services - fee is 6% of collections

The Psych Biller will set your practice up with a complete billing management system designed around your personal schedule, workflow, technical strengths and administrative needs.

But what if it just doesn't work out?

This will be YOUR billing management system, The Psych Biller will be the contractor who sets up, maintains and works within your system to administer the business side of your practice.  But if that arrangement stops working, for whatever reason, then your system, your data, will still be in place and completely under your control.    


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 Interested?  Make contact with The Psych Biller.  (8oo) 955-3461