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A part-time practice can afford                        
 a full-time billing staff - The Psych Biller.


For the Psychologist in session there is no multi-tasking.

During the therapy hour, you don't return phone calls or check email. Your focus is the client, but if you want your practice to grow, there has to be a prompt response to potential client contact.

That's where The Psych Biller comes in.

For a flat monthly fee:

Your practice will be represented every business day by an experienced billing and customer service professional.

All the calls from your potential and established clients will be returned quickly - which will turn that contact into revenue.

Your virtual billing office will be available on a full-time basis and ready to collect your new client's contact and insurance information.

The Psych Biller will quickly verify benefits and relay all that relevant information back to you -  copays, limitations, authorization requirements - all the data you need to know prior to scheduling.

The Psych Biller provides you with consistent administrative support to help you build and maintain a successful private practice.


 Interested?  Make contact with The Psych Biller.  (8oo) 955-3461