As part of a continuing series on the ever-popular EHR systems that will soon eclipse traditional paperwork, this post is about if you should switch your EHR for a better one. If you’re asking this question, you may be feeling encumbered or set back by technical limitations or strange quirks present in your current system that is hampering your workflow and causing lost dollars in misplaced labor fixing these issues. The last thing you want in medical coding and medical billing is to have strange errors, slow editing, and difficulty finding files and records when there are people on the line. Here are some warning signs that it’s time to switch your EHR.

Your EHR is Poorly Designed

In any given field of software, there are constantly changing design principles for applications. Heck, look at your favorite social media site and you’ll find that even there, many site redesigns and changes to the layout were made. Initially, these are confusing and irritating as you no longer know how to perform simple functions or you have to relearn how to navigate the site. Usually, this is for the greater good of the service as they refine the best ways to lay everything out.

The same goes for EHR software, if your EHR is several years old, chances are that there have been many improvements in the field since then. New standards set, better pathing, fewer screens you have to get through to get to the functions you need. Not all companies will do their best to update their systems or maintain a long lifespan of the system through software patches. Sometimes developers realize it is easier to create a new system than fix a poorly designed one. Unfortunately, if you licensed that system you may be feeling the burn of that as newer systems are quick and yours is slow.

There Are a Lack of Features in Your EHR

It may have been top of the line when you bought it several years ago, but what about now? As software improves, many important things such as QoL(quality of life) changes are added to make the user experience much smoother, thus improving workflow.

Examples are things such as core functions not being as easy as they should as compared to modern systems. What was quick and efficient 5-10 years ago for scheduling appointments and making changes/notes may not be efficient now. That wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that as your competitors upgrade to modern solutions, the average customer will expect a certain amount of efficiency from the offices.

They Have Awful Customer Service

Unfortunately, when you’re purchasing SAAS in an industry that is rapidly growing such as healthcare, there are so many options to choose from that there is a chance you will choose wrong. Maybe the EHR works fine, but any time you have such a profitable market there are undoubtedly companies who want to finish one product and move onto the next without investing too many resources on upkeep.

They know that the market is moving so fast that the product landscape won’t be remotely the same in 5 years, so they find little to no point (in their eyes) in supporting a product that will quickly be outmoded. We do no agree with this approach, but nonetheless, it seems to be the M.O. of many subpar software developers to provide poor customer service.

Healthcare administration (as well as healthcare) of any kind is a tough field to work in. People are sick, need help, and are dealing with insurance problems and financial difficulties. It is natural to meet many disgruntled or upset people in this field and if you are a medical biller you have probably lived this experience: a customer has a problem, you go to check it out, the system has a strange error or flaw that requires you to call customer support to resolve, and they are no help at all!

Outsourced Medical Billing Office

These headaches with EHR systems can take away all your precious time to deal with other important matters. Whether it’s mental health support or tending to patients in a clinic, whatever your duties are, let The Psych Biller free up some of your time so that you can focus on what really matters: helping people and growing your business!

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