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You Want Steady Revenue for Your Psychiatry Practice?

The Psych Biller knows how to make that happen.

Here Are Our Psychiatry Medical Billing & Remote Medical Billing Steps:

  1. Verify Benefits PROMPTLY
  2. Get Authorization PRIOR to Service
  3. Submit CLEAN Claims
  4. Follow-Up. Follow-Up. FOLLOW-UP.

Put 18 years of psychiatry medical billing experience to work for your practice and you’ll see maximum returns with minimal delay. The Psych Biller will provide a seamless billing and coding service that will not only reduce cost but will help your medical office run more smoothly. The rules of the insurance billing game continuously change and seeking reimbursement for Psychotherapy and Behavioral Health Services is particularly challenging. It will truly be to your advantage to have a determined professional on your team.

Should The Psych Biller be your virtual billing office for remote medical billing?

The answer is an unequivocal yes. Your medical practice is too busy to focus on things like billing and hiring it internally is more work than it needs to be. The Psych Biller has a proven method of collection that maximizes the potential of return and chance of full payment.

It first starts with verifying benefits promptly. Understanding how much money is needed to collect from insurance companies and patients is crucial. How do we verify benefits quickly? By getting authorization before service.

Once we get the amount needed, the next step is submitting clean claims that make sense and meet all requirements. The billing process can be bogged down immensely by improperly submitting something. Eliminating these mistakes speeds up the process exponentially.

Persistence is key when collecting payments and our team will persist until all payments are made. We have the staff and expertise needed to keep reaching out for payments until the bills in question are paid in full. Your practice doesn’t have time to make these calls, so let us make them for you.