Electronic Medical Billing Benefits

Like many categories of administrative work, the proliferation of technology and accessibility through the internet has relieved some of the burdens of doing administrative paperwork. Medical documentation has also benefitted from this technology, going from being entirely on paper to now having the increasingly popular option of using electronic medical billing to file electronic claims and electronic health records (EHR).

  1. A Paperless Process. The most obvious benefit to electronic medical billing is that it is paperless! Consider how much administrative bloat existed when the paperwork was done literally on paper. Simply doing things electronically removes many issues inherent in doing paperwork. In terms of medical billing, this is incorrect information due to legibility issues or information that is missing altogether due to oversight. When an electronic form is filled out, you cannot submit it unless all of the necessary fields are filled in. What’s even better is that depending on which field of medicine or practice you’re dealing with, you can customize which fields are required and which fields are not!
  1. Better Organization/Time-Saving. Electronic medical billing saves your practice a ton of time. Whether you are doing this in house or you’ve outsourced it to professionals, billing electronically is a huge timesaver due to the fact that electronic records that are submitted have almost zero chance of “getting lost in the mail”. Even more importantly, any pertinent information about insurance or the patient that needs to be referenced can be done so almost immediately and efficiently through electronic lookup. There’s no shuffling around file drawers and having to hunt down important documents that may have been misplaced or misfiled.
  1. Workflow Automation. One of the best aspects of electronic database systems is that they can be interlinked to save employees a lot of time and tedious effort when it comes to inputting information. For example, an electronic medical record that is inputted can also be simultaneously put into the billing system if you so choose. This may not seem like much, but over hundreds of patients, this can automate a lot of tedium away and leave more time for medical billers to audit their own work or focus on specialized issues that require more discretion.
  1. Readily Available Insurance Information. This one might be many people’s favorite—simply for the fact that the insurance industry is well known for the sheer amount of paperwork and procedures required to get anything done. With electronic health records, workers can look up a patient’s insurance information immediately. Not just for reference, the system can even automatically verify basic eligibility for you without having to make manual judgments yourself.
  1. Added Security Measures. One of the major issues with paperwork, in general, is that as technology has evolved, so too has identity theft and fraud. At this point in time, cybercriminals only need small tidbits of private information to start acquiring bigger details about you in order to commit fraud or steal your identity. A lot of identity theft still occurs due to salvaging old documents that were disposed of inadequately or documents that were simply lost. Having unencrypted information about you lying around is never a good thing. Electronic medical billing does not suffer from this issue. All information is sent through a secured channel which proper security measures in place to protect your highly sensitive data.

Professional Remote Medical Billing Services

The Psych Biller has decades of experience working in the medical billing space. If there’s anyone you can trust to outsource your administrative/medical billing needs, it’s us! We pride ourselves on our diligence, prompt service and most importantly, clean claims. We know that medical billing errors can be costly, so you can bet that we’re pros at following up on our work.

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