…should this be your remote mental health billing office?

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The Psych Biller offers boutique medical billing and remote mental health billing – a unique service for a specific clientele. This service is meant for clinicians in individual or small group private practice who are looking to increase revenue and client volume.

  • Do you want a full-time billing office available for your clients to contact, with staff ready to promptly return all phone calls and emails?
  • Are you seeking remote billing services from an experienced biller who will give your practice individualized attention?
  • Are you looking forward to a paperless office – to go green AND lower overhead?
  • Do you want cost-effective HIPAA compliant billing records and communications?
  • Have you come to understand that the time you spend collecting prior earnings is a clear sacrifice of potential earnings?

The Psych Biller can provide all of this whilst dramatically cutting your remote health billing costs. Find out what our straight-forward and reasonable fees are. 

So many small practices or individual physicians fear that they are not big enough or worthy of having a boutique medical billing service working with them, but that isn’t the case with The Psych Biller. Having a full-time remote billing office at your disposal is deeper than just making it easier to collect payments on time, it is also a resource for your patients.

Undoubtedly, your patients are going to have questions about their bill or how their insurance interacts with the service they are getting. Your small office might not be able to handle the volume of calls you get about these inquiries and the staff you have might not be as well versed in how insurance interacts with services.

Our team of trained professionals can handle all customer service requests regarding billing and ensure your clients leave happy. Put yourself in your patient’s shoes. If they have a negative billing experience, no matter how good of a service you provide they might switch. Having a service that is organized and friendly is the best way to retain your current client base.