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…should this be your virtual billing office?

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The Psych Biller offers boutique medical billing – a unique service for a specific clientele. This service is meant for clinicians in individual or small group private practice who are looking to increase revenue and client volume.

  • do you want a full-time billing office available for your clients to contact, with staff ready to promptly return all phone calls and emails?
  • are you seeking remote billing services from an experienced biller who will give your practice individualized attention?
  • are you looking forward to a paperless office – to go green AND lower overhead?
  • do you want cost-effective HIPAA compliant billing records and communications?
  • have you come to understand that the time you spend collecting prior earnings is a clear sacrifice of potential earnings?

The Psych Biller can provide all of this whilst dramatically cutting your costs. Find out what our straight-forward and reasonable fees are.