No doubt you’ve heard much about the global pandemic stemming from the spread of the coronavirus. With 468,523 cases globally and 66,132 cases in the United States, it’s clear that the spread of the virus must be contained at all costs. The most important and effective solution that everyone can do is to practice social distancing and self-quarantine if they are ill or begin to have symptoms.

Increasingly, people are heeding the advice to limit exposure to others unless necessary. While there has been a great upset to non-essential businesses who are suffering due to the lockdowns, medical businesses and administrations are still seeing customers, especially if they work in a hospital environment. While others are avoiding contact and locking down, medical workers and administrative clerks are required to continue on despite risk as they provide an essential service. These circumstances have provided ample evidence of the value of EHR and Telehealth services.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is defined as the delivery of health as well as health-care related services through technological means. This means medical care, patient education, provider notes and information, and other facets of health IT are under the umbrella of telehealth.

While nothing currently can supplant the need for a face to face evaluation for medical diagnoses, telehealth services are making full use of the connectivity of the digital age. The vast majority of patients young or old have smartphones. Through the usage of apps and access to patient portals, they can gain all kinds of information.

One of the most basic and useful features in our current circumstances are being able to use telehealth services to schedule appointments and communicate with their provider’s administration remotely. With the exponential spread of the coronavirus being the chief issue of the virus—not the deadliness, it is imperative that as few people as necessary become exposed to it as possible.

What is Telemedicine and is it Different from Telehealth?

Telehealth is an umbrella term comprising many different services and capabilities. Telemedicine is a specific field that involve the engagement, diagnoses, and treatment of patient issues through remote means. A common example of this field is for endocrinologists or other health professionals being able to track their patient’s blood glucose levels through glucose monitoring devices that submit data back to be analyzed.

This allows providers the ability to catch issues earlier as well as make sure any serious issues are not occurring. Because of the monitoring, patients enjoy fewer doctor’s visits for routine things and as a result have a higher quality of life. This information can also be shared with other specialists and PCP’s so that they can have a fuller picture of their shared patient’s medical slate.

Patient Interaction is Still Necessary

Even with all of these wonderful advancements, patients still have a need to speak directly with someone. When you consider that the majority of those who are frequently involved with the healthcare system are on the elderly side, their willingness to try new technologies may not always pan out.

Older patients are reportedly much more comfortable speaking with someone on the phone who can answer their questions. However, you also don’t want patients to come into the office for just about anything in the current climate.

Remote Office Support is the answer.

Remote Medical Billing and Office Support

Let The Psych Biller handle your medical billing and administrative needs while you keep your employees safe from unnecessary patient interaction. Our team can provide full-time billing office support, cost-effective HIPAA compliance, and insurance verification.

Having us answer questions and field calls for you to weed out all but the most necessary trips to the office will not only help do our part to limit the spread of coronavirus, but also give your employees a much-needed break.

Working in healthcare is already exhausting as it is, remote medical billing and office support can truly give your office some space to breath as we lift the administrative burden off of your business.

Contact us today to get started.