So what does virtual professional medical billing services cost?

The Psych Biller will provide valuable service and professional medical billing support for straightforward and reasonable fees.

  • One-time Set Up Fee – $200
  • Phone Support – flat monthly fee will be negotiated, based on practice size/volume, the minimum fee is $50
  • Billing Services – fee is 6% of collections

The Psych Biller will set your practice up with a complete billing management system designed around your personal schedule, workflow, technical strengths, and administrative needs for professional medical billing support. The Psych Biller is here to get it done for you.

We believe that transparency is the best way to do business. We aren’t in the business of trying to squeeze our clients or stuff the bill with hidden fees. Our straightforward billing process eliminates the back and forth you might have with other services and allows you to get back to focusing on what matters: your patients.

So why wait to get a handle on your billing situation? Don’t let outstanding bills linger and don’t let your patients have bills go into collections. The number one reason people don’t pay medical bills is that they don’t know they exist.

Sometimes information isn’t correct on file, or people have moved since their last visit to your office. Whatever the case, giving people the opportunity to pay is better than just leaving it be until both you as the business and they as the customer is upset. That’s not how you retain patients.

Our team of trained billing professionals can make a big difference for your business. You can’t focus on being the best medical professional possible if you are worried about collecting payments. Let The Psych Biller take that worry off your shoulders and let you get back to focusing on your patients and business.

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