We live in an age of near-complete digital rendering of paperwork and other associated procedures. Whether it’s getting a car, getting a loan, receiving bank statements, or dealing with medical billing, most things are done online now. It’s easy to forget that there was a time when everything was done on paper and had to be filed away. Offices required much more space and were in general, cluttered due to the number of file cabinets and storage containers needed to separate that information.

Nowadays, clinical paperwork and medical billing are mostly done online by all but offices most resistant to change. However, like most changes, you fix one set of problems and swap them out for an entirely new set of problems. The old problems were, “how do I organize my files”, or, “how do we keep track of what claims have been accepted or rejected?” The new problems are, which EHR system software is good for my practice?

What Did the CCHIT Do?

The CCHIT was The Certification Commission for Health Information Technology. They were an independent non-profit group that was focused on cultivating awareness around health information technology. Consider the problem we have today with many CMS’s and EHR systems for any industry—there are a significant amount of choices to choose from. The CCHIT sought to create certification programs for EHR system software so that a set of standards could be employed to determine which software was good enough to be used for things such as medical billing, medical coding, and claims management.

This isn’t just an arbitrary assignment of values, an important function of this body was to benefit the health care industry as a whole.

The better and more streamlined the EHR system software was, the more all parties involved can benefit. For patients, medical coding errors or billing errors would not create confusion as to who would be paying for services. Insurance companies would not need to deal with the constant back and forth to get issues resolved. These issues at the root level always snowball into huge inefficiencies within clinical operations as billable hours and time of the staff are increasingly wasted on minor clerical problems that need resolving.

At the Psych Biller, we know this all too well. A great solution to the problem is outsourced medical billing.

Unfortunately, the CCHIT ceased operations in 2014 because of the financial incentives offered to health IT manufacturers and associated vendors if the EHR software they used met a certain standard. Due to the new set of standards, the CCHIT received a huge influx of applications that caused timeline delays. This inevitably impacted their funding and they shut doors as a result of the strain.

Remote Medical Billing with the Right EHR System

The Psych Biller has years of experience with handling medical billing and coding for businesses large and small. Remote medical billing is the solution that many offices need and don’t realize. How much time is spent fussing over tedious paperwork instead of working with clients or handling other important duties for the business? Even Doctors are not free from paperwork when it is done in house as staff will not know the answer to everything and will often need clarification for services rendered or the difference between certain procedures. A professional medical coding/billing staff seldom needs this guidance and can handle things diligently on their own.

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