There are many facets that make up a healthy medical practice. Having a happy staff and happy customers can ultimately lead to a much larger profit for the medical practice itself. Patient satisfaction is incredibly important, especially with the rise of rating systems used by services such as Google. There is a large, growing body of evidence that shows a patient’s engagement to a healthcare provider can ultimately improve their health and sense of well-being. Building trust and commitment with your patients starts at the foundation of any health care provider, and its the underlying foundation of our medical practice tips that we recommend before you hire a medical biller.

Medical Employee Happiness

Happy employees have been shown time and time again to outperform unhappy or depressed individuals. The varying mental health of each employee is complex and varies from person to person; however, there are many things that you can do for your practice that can help employees feel more at home and happy about their jobs. Happier people tend to engage patients better and reduce the employee turnover rate at all medical practices. In fact, a recent study showed higher nurse engagement scores were linked to lower patient mortality and complication. The results are astounding; an 87% decrease in infection rate for patients over two years was shown by the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) if the nurses had high job satisfaction.

Increasing Employee Happiness

Engagement and happiness of your employees can lead to dramatically different outcomes depending on how an employer handles these sectors. An unhappy nurse doesn’t just lead to unhappy patients; it has been shown to lead to sick patients. There are many reasons why a medical employee can feel under-appreciated:

  • Lack of continued education (feeling ‘stuck’)
  • Being underpaid in comparison to regional and national standards
  • Old software, equipment, and décor
  • Boredom, lack of fun and humor in the workplace
  • Vague and unfulfilling job responsibilities

There are many ways to tackle these problems, but knowing that there are problems in your workplace is the first step; asking and collecting employee feedback is essential for a medical practice.

Increasing Patient Happiness

Having a strong medical biller in the financial department of your medical practice can make it or break it for some of your patients. Being charged incorrectly or not on time can result in dissatisfaction and added stress for the patient. Not being sent a bill can lead to a collection department calling an unaware patient: no one wants to find out that they were not informed of a bill before it was sent to collections. Updating your software for your medical billers and listening to their feedback and criticisms of the office is paramount. Not listening to your employees has been shown to decrease their happiness and subsequent happiness of your patients.

Unhappy employees create a bleak environment which can lead to much more than just a high turnover rate. Retraining new employees can be a frustrating experience; losing patients can be devastating.

Hire a Medical Biller

Finding experienced and qualified medical coding and billing professionals can be quite the undertaking. Going without one is worse than challenging; it can dramatically hurt your revenue cycle, including claims processing, payments, and overall business operation.

The Psych Biller specializes in boutique medical billing; we offer a unique service for a specific clientele. We offer full-time billing services that are HIPAA compliant and patient specific. We have years of experience billing in-house and can work remotely for your practice. This can lead to lower operational costs, as there will be no need for additional office space, storage space, billing software, and equipment. If you’ve been looking to outsource your medical billing, call The Psych Biller today!