Medical Billing is an unavoidable part of running a practice and an unavoidable part of being a customer and getting your bill. From 2006-2016, insurance deductibles rose by 255%. It’s no secret to anyone that Healthcare in the United States has been getting increasingly expensive and many treatments, medicines, and procedures have all had their costs bloated to record-breaking highs year after year. It’s in this market that having good medical billing practices is more necessary than ever before.

Mistakes When Detailing Services

Most medical coding errors are a result of billing for the right type of service, but not the correct length or amount. For example, a patient could have had a brief consultation with their doctor, but they end up being billed for a full hour examination. Or a patient may have gone in for a simple inpatient procedure such as freezing off skin tags and was billed the incorrect amount. They may have only had 2 removed but were charged for 3. Minor mistakes such as these can result in rejected claims and generally full under the category of upcoding. Upcoding is like upgrading, except the services were not tendered.

An even simpler mistake is the incorrect inputting of patient information. A wrong or misspelled first or last name, improper date of birth or insurance information can leave you with claims that are rejected based on trivial mistakes. This is a lose-lose for both the practice and the patient—who will be billed the incorrect amount and will have to spend time parsing out the details of which services were in fact tendered and which were not.

Medical Billing Errors Hurt Your Practice

There are several ways in which these everyday errors can hurt your practice. The first is obvious: patients don’t receive the care that they need. Because it is the office’s fault for not handling the insurance requests with due diligence, there is lag time between authorized coverage and patient care. These inconveniences can lower the reputation of your office and are one of the many reasons why outsourcing this work to a virtual/remote office is beneficial to many practices.

Another grave matter is being charged with fraud. A fraud charge doesn’t necessarily imply that there was ill intent or malice coming from those who are charged, but rather it is like being charged with negligence. If your staff is frequently making mistakes and errors in regard to medical coding or billing, this can be the impetus for an investigation or audit to be launched into your practice to assess the extent of mistakes or mismanagement that has occurred. Needless to say, this is neither good for your reputation nor is it good for your patients if it comes to this.

These frequent billing errors can be very costly to your practice and in the event that you are charged with fraud, there are substantial fines and penalties for that. Up to 80% of medical bills contain errors, so you can be certain that there is a good chance many of these can be caught and result in a rejection.

Outsource Your Medical Billing Needs

Medical billing is a field in which there are many changes to coding and regulations that are required to stay on top of. With most medical offices already being places with much to do, there is a serious case to be made for outsourcing your medical billing/coding needs.

The Psych Biller has more than a decade of experience in the medical billing space. Our team of dedicated professionals is highly diligent and prudent about their work—all qualities needed to be an excellent medical biller. We can help you save time and money by cutting back on these small, but prevalent errors that hurt your practice and prevent you from getting paid! Contact us at (800)-955-3461 to start saving money now!