As a medical provider, you probably come across your fair share of patients who are dealing with stress. When this happens, you might share some proven methods for managing stress, such as getting more exercise or sleeping, or practicing breathing techniques. But how well do you do when it comes to managing your own stress? Even if you’re making it to the gym a few times a week or committing yourself to a solid 8-hour sleep schedule, there might be some things about your practice that have you stressed. In this blog post, we’ll look at remote medical billing services and other ways you can make running your office less stressful.

Take Time for Yourself

Work-life balance is important. It’s something you’d tell your patients, but have you taken your own advice? You’ll be more helpful to your patients if you’re not bogged down with work.

Make sure you’re taking break-time throughout the day, get a good night’s sleep and explore meditation and mindfulness. When you take care of yourself and don’t overwork, you’ll be in the right mental and physical condition to care for your patients.

Employee Wellness

Consider launching programs that get employees to make positive, healthy choices in their lives. This can be something like chances to exercise or do yoga at work, staff health assessments or health coaching.

With these programs, you can prevent absenteeism, improve productivity and save money on training new employees.

Debt Collection

In a perfect world, you’d be able to focus your patients full-time without having to worry about chasing down debts. From patients who need a reminder to those who seem to be ducking your calls, debt collection takes up time you and your staff could be devoting to patient care.

Working with a debt collection partner can take the burden of this tricky customer service task off you and your team and allow you to shift more focus to your patients.

Remote Medical Billing

In addition to all the things that go into providing proper patient care, running a medical practice also requires you to handle often complex billing practices. If your staff isn’t well-versed in this sort of billing, errors can occur, leading you to spend time you don’t have — or time that could be better spent on patient care — dealing with billing mistakes.

Working with a remote medical billing service can let your staff avoid these headaches and shift their focus to your patients and their needs.

Remote Medical Billing Services

When you work with a remote medical billing provider, you shift this important, yet time-consuming job to a third-party, outside service, giving you and your team more time to give patients the attention they deserve.

If this scenario sounds like it’s right for your practice, The Psych Biller is ready to assist you. We are a boutique medical billing and remote health billing service designed for individual and small group private practices.

When you work with us, you’ll receive remote billing services and personalized attention from an experienced buller. Go green by going paperless and receive cost-effective and HIPAA-compliant billing records and communications.

Contact us today to find more information about how The Psych Biller can help relieve stress for you and your practice.