There are many benefits to using a new EHR system in your office or with remote medical billing. In our last post, we discussed how there are many different EHR solutions being offered to aid in medical billing and other medical clerical duties that are a large part of running a healthcare-related business. You may have decided on using a locally hosted or cloud-based EHR, and that narrowed your choices down and you’ve chosen an EHR that meets the standards of functionality and privacy that are required. The only question now is how do you implement it successfully in your office?

Identifying User Competency Levels

An office takes all different kinds of people to function. Up until recently, not everything was hyper-focused on computer literacy and many people could scrape by. With things such as EHR being implemented, it’s important to get everyone in your office on the same page.

Thankfully, many designers and engineers slave over hot code to ensure that their products are as user-friendly and easy to grasp as possible. This is so important to those provide SAAS (software as a service) solutions that they pay UI/UX designers a pretty penny to make sure it’s done right.

This is great for you if you’re looking to train your staff up to the new standards and especially reassuring since remote medical billing and coding is not particularly forgiving of errors as they can waste a lot of time, money, and effort on trying to correct mistakes that cause claims rejections and other associated problems.

Those of your employees who are not very computer savvy or may need some extra assistance can be taught incrementally. Meaning, you can teach them only specific parts of the EHR program that they’ll need to use so that they can focus on learning just a few things that are critical to their duties. When you simplify it like this, it can be much easier to learn and less daunting as well. Which brings us to our next point…

Find The Tech Wizards in Your Office

If your whole office is very computer savvy then this might not be necessary, however, we’ve found that there’s always a few power users among the group that seem to know all the tips and tricks to using any given system. These people are often very computer literate, but more than that they display curiosity for learning things outside of what they need. This makes them very interested in learning tips, tricks, shortcuts, and loopholes.

Who wants to learn all of that and not show it off? These power users will be the ones who can help your team learn the system by having a solution any time someone else gets stuck with knowing how to do something. Not only is this great for the overall business, but it’s also great for the office members to feel like there’s someone willing to help when things get tough or there’s a holdup.

Analyze Your Workflow After Implementation

This is perhaps the most important thing after you’ve implemented a new EHR in the office, pay close attention to what problems are popping up and where people are getting stuck. If people are getting stuck using a particular function, then it may be worthwhile to place emphasis on training employees in that area with remote medical billing.

EHR systems are complicated software as a whole, there may be many ways to accomplish one thing. Over time, you should be looking to suss out faster and more efficient ways to input and transmit data. View, reference, and edit new and old records, and other such capabilities.

It’s no surprise that purchasing a license and setting up a new EHR can be costly upfront, so this step will ensure that you’re truly getting the most out of your money by using the system to its fullest.

Remote Medical Billing Company

Does all of this seem like it’s going to take too much time and effort? To some degree, this is true. No matter how much time a system can save you, it can’t save you from having to do the work itself. Many offices have too much to do and not enough people to do them.

That’s where we come in, let The Psych Biller handle all of your medical coding and medical billing needs! Many of our clients are surprised that when they remove that administrative bloat from their office how much more efficiently they can work on their core tasks. For many clinics that means better patient care and less stress all around!

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