Though, in an ever-increasingly “connected” world through social media and other online mediums, marketing your medical practice online can make or break your business. Businesses still relying on referrals alone are at risk to be left out in the dust. Information travels quickly online and the internet is the best place to constantly push that information to keep your name fresh in the ears of potential customers. Here are 5 things you should be doing to boost your clinic’s virtual presence.

1 – Use Instagram to Post Pictures

While any business can leverage Instagram to post relevant pictures, it’s especially useful for clinics that deal with highly demonstrable issues such as with orthopedicians and physical therapists. Instagram is a great place to post pictures that can show off your clinic or staff and let people know that you’re friendly and active in the community. In addition to that, consider that not everything you post needs to be directly related to your practice, social media is a great place to discuss issues in your community or current events. The Instagram algorithm favors accounts that post frequently such as 2-3 times a day, however even remaining consistent and posting once a day can go a long way in keeping yourself visible to help you market your medical practice online.

2 – Facebook Is A Great Place to Appear Relatable

Too many businesses end up being just that, another company that exchanges a service for money. With medical or mental health clinics, in particular, it’s important for patients to feel like they’re in good hands, or for prospective patients to see that there are people behind the company name. In other words, posting on Facebook should be friendly and casual. Use Facebook as a tool to show that your practice is full of ordinary people just like your patients, people who have a sense of humor, interests, and enthusiasm for what they do.

3 – Utilize YouTube to Instill Confidence

This one may require some time from some of the doctors who are willing but putting out informative YouTube videos that explain certain issues and discuss ongoing issues can be incredibly useful for instilling confidence in prospective patients. Everyone wants to feel like they’re in good hands, seeing this firsthand as your potential doctor explains how certain treatments are handled at the clinic may dramatically boost conversions for you. There is no shortage of viral videos of doctors, clinicians, and other wellness professionals such as physical therapists on YouTube in which they demonstrate how certain treatments are administered.

4 – Outsource Your Medical Coding/Billing To Free Up Time

All these tips will require time to execute. Clinics are very busy places, and doctors especially are very busy people. Having to worry about administrative work can be stifling. This is particularly true in the case of medical coding, where codes can change annually and if you don’t stay on top of them, it could cost you financially.

Marketing Your Medical Practice Online

The Psych Biller has years of expertise in boutique-style medical billing. We’ve helped many clinics and offices reduce their administrative bloat, streamline their workflows and thus save them money and time that can be applied to growing the practice. Our highly experienced staff are experts at the entire medical billing process, so that you can focus on marketing your medical practice online. They will:

  • Verify benefits PROMPTLY
  • Get authorization PRIOR to service
  • Submit CLEAN claims
  • Follow up on those claims

Call us today at (800)-955-3461 to get the very best medical coding professionals at your disposal, so you can focus your time and effort on the things that matter: your patients.