With such a monumental event affecting people throughout the world, it’s no surprise that Covid-19 has already begun driving change in various industries. As previously stated, the healthcare industry has evolved due to such similar events, which have driven important discoveries. With such a transmissible virus, the need for social distancing is obvious, and what has come of that need are various remote solutions such as remote medical billers near me.

Remote Medical Billers Near Me

Before we look at the remote services of tomorrow, it may help to look at those which are already being established across America. As with anything new, some of these services are easily made remote due to the nature of the work or required tools. While others are facing teething problems, they do give a good indication of what we can expect in the not-too-distant future.

Remote Medical Coding and Billing

Medical coding and billing are potentially the most significant data entry jobs you’ve never heard of. Put simply, medical coding is the codifying of all relevant medical information and history relevant to a patient. Medical billing is the same thing but in relation to the financial side of healthcare, often relating more to insurance companies.

Both of these jobs are best achieved via a computer, and require a relatively high amount of focus and attention to detail. Although often people hired in these roles for in-house billing and coding will end up with various other roles, which can take away from their ability to focus. Outsourcing your medical billing and coding can not only save you money on staff costs, but also ensure that a high degree of focus is being applied to the task at hand.

Remote Administrative Services and Office Support

Another oft-forgotten but valuable role in healthcare practices are the administrative staff who act like a switchboard operator connecting doctors, patients, and insurance companies. The staff in this position will typically be the most “human” contact that most of your patients get while at your clinic, so it’s vital that they’re heard and treated with respect.

Smaller medical practices may get away with just one admin staff managing the background stuff, but larger ones may find that one staff member isn’t enough to cover both walk-ins and calls. Hiring remote office support can ensure that your patients are getting through and speaking to someone who cares, which will benefit both them and your practice.


Still in its teething stages, telehealth services have had to come about rather quickly with the risk of virus looming over doctors, healthcare staff, and other patients alike. Telehealth allows people to contact healthcare professionals such as nurses, doctors, and specialists to seek advice on their health over the phone.

Not only does this reduce the risk of transmitting various viruses and diseases, it can also benefit people in a number of other ways, including:

– Saving people both time and money on having to travel to the doctor’s office

– Allowing people to seek advice for ailments before they develop into more serious problems

– Telehealth services often work out a lot cheaper than an in-person visit

While this service is still being fumbled over, it shows the most promise of developing into something truly beneficial to society.

Telehealth of Tomorrow

Modern technology seems to be more geared towards autonomy, with smartphones, or more specifically apps, replacing libraries, cinemas, and TVs. Going forward, we can expect telehealth services to advance in this same direction, perhaps with an injection of machine learning or Artificial Intelligence rather than a human.

While this may seem dystopian and detached, this can further cheapen healthcare, allowing a wider range of people access to advice and prescriptions relevant to their health. We may also see the integration of AI in our medical practices, with telemetric scanning allowing for quick and accurate diagnosis.

The Future Of Remote Medical Billers Near Me

While we can’t offer AI doctor robots equipped with telemetric scanners, we can provide you with remote medical coding and billing support, as well as remote office support. To learn more about our remote medical coding and billing services, check out our website, or call us today to see how we can help bring your practice into the future.