No one truly looks forward to visiting their doctor, but as a healthcare professional, you don’t like the idea that patients come away thinking your office is badly run. Online scheduling, text reminders, and remote medical billing are all tools you can employ to make your patient experience more enjoyable while also improving the efficiency of your office. Read on to learn more.

1 – Online scheduling

By giving patients the option of scheduling their appointments online, you’re making life easier for them and your staff.

Your administrative staff won’t have to spend as much time answering calls or returning phone calls, and can focus on assisting patients already in the building.

And your patients will have an easier time scheduling appointments. When they do call for other reasons — to speak to a doctor, to ask questions — they’ll get through more quickly because your staff isn’t fielding appointment calls.

You can save even more time by sending patients text reminders as their appointments get closer, ending the days of playing phone tag with often busy people.

Your patients will appreciate the move to texting as well, as most Americans prefer texting to voice calls already.

2 – Streamline your paperwork

How much paperwork does a new patient have to fill out at their first appointment? Rather than taking up their time and yours at the office, send it to them at home via email or put it online. Even if only some patients take you up on the offer, you’ll still save yourself a lot of time.

3 – Secure messaging

Just like online scheduling, reminders and paperwork, secure online communication can help your staff save time each day.

Instead of fielding questions on the phone all day, a secure communication system would let your staff answer them online, exchanging messages about medical questions, referrals, records requests and prescriptions.

And these platforms offer the type of secure HIPAA compliance you can’t get from email. There are also similar messaging systems that allow for internal communication among doctors, nurses, office staff, etc.

4 – Boost your break room

Not every improvement you make to your medical office has to be tech-based. Sometimes small quality-of-life changes can make a big difference to employee morale. It will leave them feeling less burned out and improve workplace morale and productivity.

Some of the things you might consider to make your break room more relaxing:

  • Investing in some comfy new furniture for power naps
  • Use an oil diffuser to spread soothing aromas through the break room
  • Encourage your staff to create a communal library by bringing in old books or magazines
  • Order a Keurig-style single-cup coffee machine for workers who want a quick, late afternoon caffeine fix without having to go out or brew a whole pot.

Of course, these are just recommendations. Make sure you ask your employees what changes they’d like to see to make their relaxation space more relaxing.

5 – Switch to remote medical billing

With remote medical billing, you put an important, time-consuming task in the hands of a third-party, outside professional, allowing your staff to focus on patient care. There are some things that provide great returns when outsourced, and choosing to do so with your medical billing and coding needs can give your existing staff more breathing room. This will boost morale and productivity in the office as well as lead to better patient care.

Remote Medical Billing

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