When it comes to medical billing and coding, the convenience it has brought to the health industry is almost incomprehensible. Before the introduction of the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), healthcare was a messy guessing game that often resulted in unresolved issues. Although CPT simplifies healthcare, there is still plenty of room for mistakes, which can still cause issues in a patient’s recovery.

As a provider of remote medical billing and coding in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica, the team at The Psych Biller has to be aware of these common mistakes to ensure that our work is up to the highest possible standard. By shining a light on them, their cause is quickly revealed to be mostly benevolent, although as with anything some will use such information for nefarious reasons. This article will also look at how outsourcing your medical billing and coding can help prevent such mistakes.

General Medical Billing and Coding Mistakes

There are any number of general mistakes that your biller or coder can make, and not all of them are to do with their billing or coding. The most common cause of general mistakes for in-house staff is that they will often be encumbered with other tasks, as their billing and coding responsibilities may not be enough to justify full-time employment. When you have the same staff member trying to run administrative tasks while simultaneously managing the billing and coding, one can expect there to be some mistakes.

Working with a remote medical billing and coding provider can give you access to not just one experienced biller/coder, but a whole team of them. You will also have more guarantee of their work as they will be more accountable as a company, than an individual may be.

Claim Fails/Denials/Rejections

These are both the typical biller or coder’s nightmare and one of the most common results of a mistake in this industry. When an insurance claim is denied for any reason, the patient may be further delayed from receiving treatment.

Missing or Incorrect Codes

In theory, the job of entering codes that relate to specific elements of the healthcare industry seems easy enough. But the simple act of a typo or missing one keystroke can cause an error in the claim, which will see it returned to the sender. The causes behind such simple mistakes are numerous, the staff member could’ve been:

– Distracted by other work, or by other staff members

– Tired from a long day, or non-work-related events- Etc.

Avoiding these would either take a revolution or the seeking out of a reputable remote medical billing and coding provider, such as The Psych Biller. With many experienced billers and coders at our disposal, we can ensure your work is done to the highest standard every time.

Under-coding Medical Billing and Coding

While these errors do occur as mistakes occasionally, it’s often assumed that they were done intentionally. Under-coding occurs when the medical services are reported as being less expensive than those performed. Whereas up-coding is the opposite and is usually an attempt to receive higher reimbursement than the provider is entitled to.

To avoid these, it can be best to disconnect those roles from your medical office by outsourcing them. This will keep this data away from any individuals who wish to manipulate the system, and put it in the hands of a group of billers or coders who aren’t as involved.

Patient Eligibility

Another common enough cause of claims being denied is that the patient may no longer be eligible for cover, or even by entering the patient’s ID incorrectly. Eligibility can be verified through payer portals and via practice management systems before each visit. Typically, these practice management systems will allow for patients with scheduled appointments to check their eligible days before their appointment.

Remote providers of billing and coding services will utilize much more expensive and sophisticated software than what is available on a smaller scale, allowing them to ensure such things as patient eligibility more conveniently.

Lack of or Incorrect Data from Physician

The final cause for mistakes that bears mentioning is the lack of or incorrect data given by a physician to the billers or coders. This can be from the patients’ details to the procedure they need, to the medicine they’ve been given. Any mistakes here will cause further problems down the line, and unlike problems with billers or coders, outsourcing cannot help.

To ensure your physicians are passing on the correct information, you may consider shortening their shifts, hiring more staff, or even outsourcing a virtual office to help manage patients and staff better.

Provider Of Remote Medical Billing And Coding

Here at The Psych Biller, we know just how to help you to cut costs, reduce mistakes, and increase customer satisfaction in your medical office. To learn more about how we can help, and which of our services may be relevant to you, check out our website or call us today.