Are you looking for the best medical billing companies? Running a medical office during a pandemic is undoubtedly an incredibly stressful experience, as there are many nuances that need to be managed. The obvious ones are things like ensuring hygiene practices are of the highest degree, as well as making sure cleaning is both thorough and frequent. Less considered elements such as managing client payment and communication are just as important though, as any mismanagement there can lose precious clientele.

When considering what doctors and nurses do, the administration seems to be of little importance in the smooth running of a medical office. Although without adequate communication, both ingoing and outgoing, clients may lose faith in your practice and seek medical aid elsewhere. Hiring the right office admin may be difficult in today’s modern climate, so many are considering going remote, as with those who have already outsourced medical billing.

Here is a look at desirable qualities to look for in an office administrator, and why you should consider going remote.

Medical Billing Companies Should Handle Most Administrative Tasks

Office administration generally covers the same kinds of roles, regardless of the business or industry. In a medical office, they will typically handle all clerical tasks, handle client care, and manage health informatics.

Medical Billing Companies Should Offer Clerical Tasks

Acting as the representative of all health professionals in your practice, clerical tasks may include:

  • Answering and making phone calls
  • Scheduling patient appointments
  • Sending and receiving faxes
  • Making copies of documents
  • Filing documents
  • Checking and sending emails
  • Creating and managing records
  • Entering data into a computer or server

Medical Billing Companies Should Offer Client Care Tasks

As most clients will have a choice of similar practices to yours, client care has become integral in running a successful practice. It can come in many forms, including follow-up calls or emails, but also relates to how the client is being communicated with in the first place. Good client care requires patience, caring, the ability to listen, and the ability to pass on relevant information to the right people.

Medical Billing Companies Should Offer Health Informatics Tasks

While most of this may be sent off to your outsourced medical billing provider, there are still some details which the office admin may need to enter. This needs to be done accurately every time to ensure that patients don’t end up with the wrong information linked to their names.

Qualities to Look For

As they will be handling sensitive information and managing people’s appointments, there are some qualities that make for an ideal office admin in your medical practice.


As this will make up the bulk of their job, you should only consider an office admin that has excellent skills in communicating both via email and over the phone. Quality communicators usually have plenty of experience in customer-facing roles, such as receptionists.

Time Management

Office admin often requires the handling of both daily tasks, moment-by-moment tasks, and other tasks which may only arise every now and then. Being able to prioritize tasks and manage their time effectively will allow your medical office to run smoothly, with no annoying delays for staff or clientele.


Due to the necessity for 100% accuracy in entering client details, medical history, and prescriptions, your office admin should be focused. While chatting with a customer might seem like client care, becoming distracted regularly can result in mistakes that can cost people their health, or can cost your business in damages.


As they will be handling sensitive information, your office admin should also be trustworthy. While this may be hard to gauge, it is of the utmost importance as private information such as medical history may be valuable on the black market.

Skills they Will Need

As one would expect with an office administration role, the skills required only really require the ability to use an email client, all Microsoft Office software, and some specific programs relevant to medical offices.

Why Remote Medical Billing Companies May Be More Suitable

Vetting countless medical billing companies in the industry and applicants to try and find the exact right one not only takes time but also costs money in advertising the role as well as paying someone to vet them. Instead, consider finding a provider of a “virtual office” that can manage this role externally at a fraction of the price.

There are a few other key benefits to outsourcing your office admin:

  • Save money on technology and the necessary software and hardware updates
  • A company is more accountable than an individual when it comes to mistakes or errors
  • Access to experienced individuals based in a variety of locations

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