If your wondering whether medical billing services can be outsourced than your asking yourself a great question. The recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of being able to work remotely, and in turn has reminded business owners of the value of outsourcing–especially in the case o remote medical billing. This is largely due to the strict social distancing rules and lockdowns which have been implemented to reduce the spread of the contagion. Although it has also proven to have some positive side effects, including reducing congestion on our busy roads, and giving parents more time with their kids. 

It’s not entirely new to medical offices, with many having already implemented remote medical billing some time ago. Outsourcing other roles in a medical office may seem sacrilegious due to the particularly private nature of patients, but there are also benefits which can in turn increase the security of people’s private information. All in all, there are some positions which can be outsourced in a medical office, and some that can’t.

Here are the kinds of jobs which can be outsourced from a medical office, and some reasons why you should consider doing so.

Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Services

The term “outsourcing” has heavy implications thanks to modern media which portrayed it initially as sending our factories and laborious work overseas to cheap labor. While this may have been true some time ago, outsourcing has become something more similar to remote working, often with systems and professionals consolidating a lot of similar work together. This allows the specific tasks to be done by someone who is highly experienced in doing so, without needing to pay them for the time in between.

Which Roles Can Be Outsourced?

Obviously certain roles such as doctors or nurses need to remain in-house, along with perhaps receptionists and medical assistants. Other than these roles though, which other typical roles can be outsourced?

Medical Billing Services: Medical Transcription

Due to the fast-paced nature of medical offices, doctors and nurses are often forced to take audio recordings of medical reports to be able to move on to the next patient. These audio files are then transcribed, and that information is appropriately translated and related to the patient’s file. This is an integral job, as often the physicians or nurses will be communicating notes on the individual’s personal health history and any prescriptions they may need.

Outsourcing medical transcription has become much easier in recent years, with technology improving the clarity of audio recordings, and the internet making it faster to transfer such files. Although hiring someone just to do medical transcribing is often excessive, and can result in that person doing other clerical work to make up for their hours. Outsourcing it can reduce the cost to exactly how much transcribing has been done.

Medical Billing Services: Medical Billing and Coding

These are as integral as transcribing in the modern medical office, and both also deal with handling large amounts of sensitive information on a daily basis. Medical billing ensures that the medical office is being appropriately compensated for their work. Whereas coding ensures that all of a patient’s relevant medical information is recorded and associated with them for future reference. 

Medical Billing Services: Remote Billing and Coding

The recent pandemic has been a catalyst for many medical offices to start implementing remote medical billing and coding. Although a major concern has been the security of this information, as it is highly sensitive and should remain beyond public access. To counter this, providers of remote services also need to state their security measures and remain accountable for any leaks.

Regardless of this concern, remote billing and coding allows medical offices to rely on professionals to do only the work that needs to be done. As with medical transcribers, billers and coders are often given various other tasks in the medical office to justify their wage. By only paying for what you need to be billed and coded, you can save on those unnecessary administerial jobs which justify the billers or coders wage.

Patient Support

As necessary as medical transcribing, billing, and coding, patient support is the integral “human element” that gives medical offices and practitioners a sense of caring. Customer service in the medical industry should be treated as a sacred task, as many patients will already be feeling vulnerable due to their health conditions. The tasks which are performed by patient support personnel include:

  • Scheduling appointments with patients 
  • All inbound and outbound calls
  • Any billing concerns that the patient or insurance company may have
  • Responding to emails and messages through social media

All of these can be comfortably outsourced without risking the efficacy, as long as good lines of communication are built between the physicians, receptionists, and administrators of the medical office. 

Remote Medical Billing Help

If you’re looking for remote medical billing or outsourced administrative processes, look no further than The Psych Biller. We are able to help with a variety of different tasks for your medical office, and are proud of the efficiency and security of our systems. Contact us today at 800-955-3461 to see how we can help you outsource certain roles in your medical office.