It’s six o’clock on a Wednesday evening, and your last patient just left. You promised your wife and kids you would be home in time for your daughter’s special birthday meal, but you’re already running late. Thankfully, there are only a few more notes to make, but your office manager informs you that none of your visits for the day have been coded. Your office’s Electronic Medical Record software (EMR) has a generic coding module, but it’s not too dependable for Psychiatric coding. This is the last straw, and you decide to explore medical coding service near me. Luckily, a colleague of yours just bragged about their remote billing and coding company, The Psych Biller.   Let’s focus on remote medical coding, and by choosing The Psych Biller, the accurate coding of your insurance claims is something you can depend on.

The Use OF CPT Medical Coding Service Near Me

Medical professionals use common Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes to describe tests, procedures, and evaluations. An appropriately coded insurance claim is vital for a medical practice’s management. And, it is necessary to receive payment from insurance companies. CPT coding also determines a physician’s compensation and the office’s success. In order to receive accurate reimbursement, providers must code their visits on the insurance claim accurately.

Psychiatrists and Psychologists are highly specialized fields of medicine used to diagnose and treat various mental health disorders. Nevertheless, there are many complex coding rules that medical providers must follow in order for payments to be approved and paid by the insurance companies. In fact, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) require that a patient’s medical record must document a face-to-face encounter between the provider and their patient.

In other words, accurate coding is crucial because if you don’t know the rules, there is a chance you could be in trouble for billing inaccurately.   That’s why remote medical coding companies like The Psych Biller are an asset for any mental health provider. They are versed in all the details and can maximize the revenue and decrease the number of claim denials. Here’s why coding for a mental health visit is so complicated and the reason why The Psych Biller coding professionals are so valuable.

Insurance claims consist of basically two parts. The first part is the patient’s and provider’s general information. The next part of the claim includes two primary types of mental health codes:  the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) version 10 codes and the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes.

ICD – 10 codes That Tell Insurers Why A Patient Received Their Treatment

  • Diseases
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Abnormal Findings
  • Complaints
  • External causes of injury or diseases

CPT Codes Tell Insurers What Procedures Require Reimbursement

  • Tests
  • Evaluations
  • Treatments
  • Any other medical procedure performed by the healthcare practitioner

ICD version 10 Codes serve as the diagnostic authority because all insurers use them on claims. They follow a standard tradition, simplifying the process of choosing valid codes for every visit.

Many Of The Mental Health ICD Version 10 codes Are “F” Codes And Are Categorized As Follows

  • F00 thru F09 – Basic Mental Issues. They include symptomatic mental health issues
  • F10 thru F19 – Mental and behavioral issues due to substance abuse disorders
  • F20 thru F29 – Issues of delusion and Schizophrenia
  • F30 thru F39 – State of mind issues, Depression, and Bipolar issues
  • F40 thru F49 – Stress-related, Neurotic, Anxiety, and associated disorders
  • F50 thru F59 – Behavioral issues connected to physiological and

physical factors

  • F60 thru F69 – Adult Personality issues and Behaviors
  • F70 thru F79 – Intellectual Issues
  • F80 thru F89 – Pervasive and Some Developmental issues
  • F90 thru F98 – Behavior and Emotional issues with them originating during childhood or adolescence
  • F99 – Not otherwise Specified Mental issues

Mental health CPT codes can be found in the Psychiatry part of the CPT manual. Many of these CPT codes are for services that must be supplied by medical providers.

Common Mental Health CPT Codes include:

  • 90837 – Psychological Counseling  – 60 minutes
  • 90834 – Psychological Counseling – 45 minutes
  • 90791 – Psychiatric evaluation with no medical services
  • 90847 – Family Psychological Counseling (with the patient present) – 50 minutes
  • 90853 – Group Psychological Counseling
  • 90846 – Family Psychological Counseling (without the patient present) – 50 minutes
  • 90875 – Under other psychotherapy services
  • 90832 – Psychological Counseling – 30 minutes
  • 90838 – Psychological Counseling – 60 minutes with E & M services
  • 99404 – Preventive drug counseling and risk intervention(s)  supplied to one patient

CPT codes sometimes need modifiers to provide additional details to the insurer. There are a few different codes, but only some are common. Selecting the correct codes is time-consuming and never easy.

Reliable Medical Coding Service Near Me: The Psych Biller

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