If you are a mental health practitioner, you probably have some concerns about medical billing and the various rules and regulations that surround it. Or, at least you have some questions about the mental health billing process in general. Some common FAQs include:

  • When do mental health practitioners use E&M CPT codes?
  • Is psych testing preauthorized?
  • When does a patient qualify for mental health parity benefits?
  • Is medication management an office visit or a psychotherapy visit?
  • How do you bill if testing was performed on the computer?
  • Which state laws apply to which psych billing policy?
  • Is an ERISA plan exempt from state law?

These are only the beginning of the questions that psychiatrists may find themselves asking in the wake of the arduous billing process. However, muddling through the psych billing process is not your only option- there is help.

The Difference a Billing Company Can Make

Billing companies can help provide you with mental health billing consultation and services. Of course, not all billing companies were created equal. Many billing companies have high monthly minimums, and are not skilled in certain billings. In fact, many billing companies don’t want to do psychiatry or psychology billing because the process is more time-consuming and has a higher opportunity for pitfalls.

However, there are some billing companies that have expertise in mental health billing. PsychBiller specializes in psychiatry, psychology and neuropsychology billing. PsychBiller offers a wide understanding of billing, fair pricing and integration with more modern billing practices (almost all our claims are submitted electronically through connections and clearinghouses).