Psychologist Vs. Psychiatrist

Often, people will confuse a psychologist and a psychiatrist because of the similar functions they perform and their similar spellings; both medical professions help patients cope with mental health issues and offer varying treatment options based on the severity of [...]

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Billing for Mental Health Q&A

Mental health professionals often have their work cut out for them. Many people think that their biggest problems stem from seeing and scheduling patients; however, this is not the case. Rather, one of the largest issues is the collection of [...]

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Interesting Facts About Depression

Psychologists and psychiatrists are tasked with a very important job: they are responsible for the first-line treatment of severe and chronic illnesses such as depression and anxiety. According to government and clinical research, remission rates for selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors [...]

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What are CPT and ICD Codes?

Medical Billing Professionals Know Navigating the world of medical billing can be treacherous. Using the correct procedure and diagnosis codes determines whether or not insurance will provide compensation for the treatment provided to patients. Mental health, counseling, and psychiatry related [...]

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