Doctors and medical staff are hardworking individuals that strive to meet the strict standards of care that are required to responsibly treat patients. Many doctors get into the medical field because, at heart, they wanted to foster good relationships with patients and help treat the ill. However, a fact that gradually becomes apparent for residents and doctors alike is that paperwork becomes a far more time-consuming task than they had initially believed was to be the case. This is where hiring an outsourced medical admin can really make a difference in your workflow and office stress levels.

The Paperwork Problem for Doctors

Between the many, many regulations within healthcare that hinge on accurate reporting, keeping medical records up to date, and everything that goes into patient care on the insurance end, doctors are kept busy with just about everything except for treating patients.

According to this study by the Annals of Internal Medicine, physicians spent 27.0% of their total time dealing with patients face to face, and 49.2% of their time performing insurance and billing related tasks such as desk work and inputting information in EHR systems.

In the study, it was approximated that for nearly every hour that was spent with patients, an additional two hours were required to complete paperwork. Naturally, this issue vexes many physicians who feel that their lengthy training and exceedingly difficult career path was braved in order to see patients, not to perform administrative duties.

What was once a necessary evil has ballooned into a behemoth problem which frequently tops list of major issues in healthcare and healthcare administration today. After all, consider that doctors are just people too. There are only so many hours in the day and if half of it is spent on doing paperwork, then that means there is less time devoted to seeing patients which consequently means that sick patients have longer wait times if they wish to seek the care of a specific doctor.

This dilemma is backed up the data that suggests that demand for physician labor is exceeding current and projected supply.

Why Do Doctors Do So Much Paperwork?

There are many reasons why doctors have so much paperwork to do. After all, the medical industry has many parties involved and as a result, many moving parts. There are legal entities that require paperwork, administration, insurances companies, and many more which require information pertinent to their industry.

This means that more or less, everything must be documented. However, like most processes, they can and should be improved. Documentation is not formatted nor created by physicians, and so it stands to reason that there are many redundancies and extraneous information that could serve to be left out or consolidated on the forms that are filled out frequently.

This lack of organization and consolidation is a large reason as to why there is so much clerical work and why it takes a large amount of time to complete.

Outsourced Medical Admin: The Solution

The Psych Biller has seen firsthand the issues that many physician’s offices face today. The crushing amount of paperwork and EHR data entry is one the primary concerns offices have.

Our expert team of medical billers and administrative support professionals can help your practice by freeing up time ordinarily spent on billing and administrative tasks so that you can get back to what truly matters: seeing patients.

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