The Psych Biller stands ready, willing, and able to provide all of your Psychiatry and Psychology medical billing and coding. Our billing services are meant to help individual and private small group practices and mental health practitioners increase revenue and patient volumes. Billing for mental health services can be overwhelming and highly complex due to the multiple sets of codes and detailed rules around choosing the correct codes for the right services provided. Let’s examine why these services are necessary and how we can help reduce claim denial.

There are Many Advantages to Outsourcing your Psychiatry Medical Billing Services:

  • Improved efficiency – Utilizing remote medical billing and coding saves a significant amount of back-end work and enables doctors and managers to spend more time focusing on their patients’ needs.
  • Reduced receivables and improved cash flow – Oftentimes, bills get stuck in cumbersome AR workflows and end up getting denied and going unpaid. Hiring The Psych Biller will prevent bills from piling up, leading to faster payments and less stress.
  • Heightened security – Independent and private small medical practices typically lack the information technology (IT) expertise to protect them from sophisticated cyberattacks. By working with The Psych Biller, a trusted medical billing provider, your practice can have access to strong firewalls fortifying your IT security.
  • Cost Savings – At the end of the day, hiring a remote medical billing service is all about saving money. By reducing costly backend errors and your practice’s administrative overhead, you will save costs and enhance your bottom line.

Many medical billing services offer a variety of services to support your medical practice.

What Are Some Of The Services That Are Provided?

  • Benefit verification
  • Same day claims processing
  • Claim denial and rejection follow-up and claim resubmission
  • Credit card integration to process co-insurances and co-pays
  • Accounts Receivables analysis
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reporting
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Out-of-network billing
  • Master fee schedule review
  • Periodic auditing procedures

Choosing a remote medical billing service isn’t easy, and we suggest that you consider the following tips when selecting a remote medical billing service like The Psych Biller.

Additional Tips

  • Look for a comprehensive billing solution. One that can manage the complete revenue cycle from start to finish.
  • Make sure the service is versed with the most current rules and regulations
  • Choose the remote medical billing service you believe will be devoted to your practice’s success
  • Get a guarantee that your practice or clinic will have complete access and total visibility of your financial and business analytics data
  • Look for a remote medical billing service with a full complement of knowledgeable professionals who are well versed in your specialty
  • Search for a remote medical billing service that meets your expectations. Set expectations early and hold the service accountable.

Whichever service you choose, the most important question to ask is, do they have the knowledge and expertise in your particular specialty.

Psychiatry Medical Billing And Coding Made Easier

As a one-stop remote medical billing solution, The Psych Biller will put years of experience in remote medical billing to work for you and your practice soothing your fears giving you the peace of mind that your revenue cycle management is in trusted hands. You can rely on The Psych Biller to promptly verify your patient’s insurance benefits, obtain authorizations and referrals prior to service, submit clean claims, reduce denials, and provide impeccable follow-up. We’ll work together and give you the personal attention you are used to with in-house billers. Contact us today to finalize your involvement!

Serving California and Surrounding Areas

The Psych Biller has medical billing clients nationwide, but we are located in LA County and currently offer medical billing and coding services in Santa Monica CA, Beverly Hills CA, and West Hollywood CA. Contact us today for a free quote.