Hiring new staff can always be difficult, as an interview and a CV don’t really say much about how they will actually work. As an employer, the best you can do is to look for qualities relevant to the position being offered. Different positions require different skills and strengths, so identifying these prior to the interview process is a must. When it comes to billing and coding, there are certain qualities which are absolutely imperative in a good worker. Noticing these in an interview may be hard, but can ensure that the person is right for the job. Whether you’re looking for outsourced medical coding or billing, or considering hiring someone in person, here are some important qualities to look for in the best outsourced medical coders.

Best Outsourced Medical Coders: Experience in Coding and Billing

The most important quality to look for in both in-person and remote medical billing or coding, is education and experience. While medical billing and coding don’t necessarily require high levels of formal education, it can help a lot. Unless you have time to thoroughly train new staff, looking for experienced billers or coders is a must.

Communication Skills

Perhaps equally important as experience is the individual’s ability to communicate efficiently and accurately. As the job entails the precise documentation of people’s medical history and medications, the best outsourced medical coders have good communication skills. Depending on whether you’re going remote or in-house, these are some areas in which that individual will need to be able to communicate well.

  • Face-to-face people skills are important for in-house coders and billers who need to be able to receive and give information quickly.
  • Writing and reading skills are also imperative as they are an integral part of coding and billing. This is extra important for those remote medical coders and billers who will be communicating largely via email.
  • A clear and easy to understand phone voice is also important for both in-house and remote workers.

Technology Skills

Modern billing and coding is vastly different from the outdated books which were relied upon until the commercialization of the computer. Since then, most of the coding and billing done throughout the US has been on computers–which is why the best outsourced medical coders are tech savvy. Being able to use the appropriate software is an absolute must, but also having some basic technical knowledge of computers can help. Remote workers should be confident in being able to send and receive necessary files efficiently. Ultimately, knowing your way around an EHR and EHR software is crucial to success as a medical coder.

Attention to Detail

As we’re talking about shorthand codes used in medical practices, even the simplest typo can massively affect the medical and medication history of a patient. This can lead to unimaginable problems in the long run which can detrimentally affect the health of your patients. It can also affect the general runnings of your doctor’s office.

Regardless of whether they’re in-house or remote, any biller or coder you hire should state that they pay close attention to finer details. This can also be examined during an interview by what the interviewee notices around the office.


A less considered trait, integrity is necessary in medical billing and coding, as it would be in any job where the individual is handling sensitive information. This information can easily be exploited, so ensuring your coder or biller has integrity and is aware of the ramifications of exploitation is a must. While it can be hard to gauge someone’s integrity, there are certain questions with which the response can say a lot about their integrity. 

Such as:

  • What does the word integrity mean to you?
  • How do you go about admitting your mistakes?
  • Have you ever had consequences for doing the right thing?
  • How have you dealt with failure in previous jobs or situations?
  • Do others consider you to be a trustworthy person?
  • Tell me about a time where a situation tested your integrity.

Able to Work Alone, and to Multitask

One thing many health practitioners rely on is that their medical biller or coder knows what they’re doing and can just get it done. Autonomy is an integral part of this job, especially with remote workers, so knowing they are doing their part is a must. Billing and coding also go hand-in-hand with other administerial jobs, so the individual should also be confident in their ability to multitask at all times.

Best Outsourced Medical Coders and Billers

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