There is a huge difference between a good medical biller and an exceptional medical biller. Hiring a top-notch medical biller for your medical practice will increase your bottom-line and lead to a healthier practice. The field of medical billing and coding can be rewarding, exciting, and challenging: it’s not a career for the faint of heart. Meticulous attention to detail, a degree of dependability, integrity, autonomy, and analytical prowess are just a few of the things that medical billing and coding entail. Here are some of the top traits of an exceptional medical biller.

Traits of a Great Remote Medical Biller

  1. Analytical Skills

When a claim is denied, rejected or returned, a claim may not always come back with a reason as to why it was not processed. An experienced medical biller will be able to use their analytical skills to troubleshoot what the problem is based on a number of different factors, such as previously denied claims and their past experiences.

  1. An Attention to Detail

There are hundreds of codes that medical billers and coders use daily. The medical billing process is very complex and specialized knowledge about what to look for is necessary when filing a claim. It would be impractical to memorize the thousands of different codes used, but successful medical billers have many of the top codes memorized by heart. Careless errors are simply not an option for an experienced medical biller, as mistakes hurt the business they are operating under. Mistakes also hurt a biller’s reputation and income.

  1. Trust

Integrity is a key element within every successful medical biller and coder. Billers work with thousands of patients’ confidential files, which contain important personal, medical, and financial information. Medical billers are bound by HIPAA and must operate with a high degree of integrity and sound judgement.

  1. Autonomy

Medical billers – especially those who work remotely – have a high degree of autonomy within the workplace. For example, when a claim is rejected, billers do not always have the luxury of asking a doctor or a more experienced biller for advice. Medical billers must take educated initiative and action, while working as autonomously as possible. This doesn’t mean that billers never report to person working on laptop on desk supervisors, but it does mean that keeping the work constantly flowing is a necessity in this business.

  1. Communication

Medical billers are not people that simply spend their day reading over claims, spreadsheets, and billing codes. Medical billers often talk to individual patients, the owners of a medical practice, doctors, and health insurance representatives. All of this talking requires a solid set of communications skills on the behalf of the medical biller. Solving a particular problem in the claim process may be as simple as asking the right questions. Medical billers must always exercise a high degree of courtesy, as they are representing not only themselves, but medical practices as well.

  1. Technical Skills

Medical billers and coders work with thousands of medical codes and routinely use specialized software for word processing, coding, accounting, spreadsheet, and billing purposes. Computer competency is one of the must-have traits of an exceptional medical biller. The best medical billers also have the most up-to-date software and hardware, as it cuts down on lag time due to slow technology.

Professional Remote Medical Billing Services 

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