Healthcare administration has always been a tangled mess of bureaucracy, red tape, and regulations. It is understandable when considering the sheer amount of time, energy, and investment that goes into the industry. At the heart of it are healthcare administrators and doctors who deal with the consequences of every choice and piece of legislation that gets passed. While there are many issues to be dealt with and improved upon in this demanding field, let’s observe 3 issues that challenge every healthcare administration team and how something like remote medical billing can help.

1 – There’s Too Much Paperwork

If you didn’t catch our last blog, you can do so here. The fact of the matter is a physician’s time is valuable as they hold the knowledge and expertise required to treat sick patients. Not only does the primary source of revenue (treating patients) rely on physicians having time to do so, but for many doctors it is the chief reason they got into medicine.

Paperwork takes time away from the main way a practice makes money and stays afloat in an industry where margins are becoming slimmer and operating costs are ballooning.

2 – There is a Serious Staffing Shortage

While often not the subject of headlines, we are in the midst of a serious staffing shortage when it comes to physicians. As of late, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain a visa to gain entry in the United States for medical training. This comes at a time when the current and projected supply of physicians is not growing fast enough within the US to meet the demand.

According to the AAMC—the Association of American Medical Colleges, research shows that there will be a significant shortage of more than 100,000 doctors by 2030. Population growth as well as an increase in the percentage of elderly are cited reasons or contributing factors for this shortage of supply.

As offices become busier and busier, even healthcare administrators are finding themselves overworked from the multitude of their duties to support the physician staff.

3 – EHR, Privacy, and HIPAA Compliance

In a world of growing cybersecurity threats, HIPAA compliance has never been more difficult as several lawsuits are filed year to year regarding data breaches and what constitutes information privacy and protection.

Digital methods of information retrieval and storage such as EHR’s are significantly better at protecting data than say…a file cabinet or paper copies which can easily be scavenged for crucial information. However, that does not mean they do not carry their own difficulties in managing them.

Choosing a good EHR system is one of those difficulties, then instructing staff to use them properly is another. HIPAA compliance often requires annual training or certification of some kind to keep up with changes.

Top Issues in Healthcare – Lacking Quality Remote Medical Billing/Coding

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