Your private practice can afford
a full-time billing staff – The Psych Biller

Writing notes on paper for virtual office

For the Psychologist in session there is no multi-tasking.

During the therapy hour, you don’t return phone calls or check email. Your focus is the client, but if you want your practice to grow, there has to be a prompt response to potential client contact.

That’s where The Psych Biller comes in.

Virtual office support:

  • Your practice will be represented every business day by an experienced billing and customer service professional.
  • All the calls from your potential and established clients will be returned quickly – which will turn that contact into revenue.
  • Your virtual billing office will be available on a full-time basis and ready to collect your new client’s contact and insurance information.

Running a small practice comes with its own challenges, but growth doesn’t have to be one anymore. The Psych Biller is more than just a billing agency, we offer full virtual office support that is crucial to small businesses. You don’t need to be a giant practice or stress out over hiring more employees to handle a varying amount of work.

Our pricing is geared towards being transparent with no hidden fees or unexplained services. We want to help your business succeed because your success is our success. Our system speaks for itself.

When you choose The Psych Biller, you’re getting phone coverage tailored to your specific practice. All calls are processed and passed along to you in a neat report, allowing you to reach out to prospective new patients when you can. Our team of professionals can book appointments and do all of the groundwork for you in order to get processing started.

So why wait? Contact us today for more information about what The Psych Biller can do for your practice. No matter the size, we have solutions to help you succeed. Whether it’s streamlining your billing process or handling your phones remotely, we can help.