Medical billers and coders play a very important role in the connection between patients, health care providers and insurance companies. There are many different tasks that medical billers must perform, including reading patient charts and determining the medical histories of said patients. Based on their charts and medical history, medical billers choose from an established list of medical codes to properly transcribe a patient’s history to be used by health care providers and insurance companies. They play a vital part in the financial health of a medical practice. The quicker the medical biller can send out invoices and collect on debts owed by patiens, the healthier the practice will be.

What Does a Medical Biller Do?

Medical billers and coders act as a liaison between the doctor’s office and health insurance companies. These codes are how doctor’s offices follow up with insurance companies to receive payment for their services rendered (treatments, investigations, etc.). With the advent of medical billing software and the internet, many people are choosing to outsource their medical billing by using a third party such as The Psych Biller.

A normal day in the life of a medical biller generally completes tasks in the same series of areas each day as they pertain to patient billing and contact with healthcare agencies, insurance companies, and collection agencies. A medical biller’s workday can consist of many of the following tasks:

  • Continuing their education regarding CPT code changes and industry standards
  • Coordination with medical coders
  • Insurance Agency claims and negotiations
  • Collection Agency claims and negotiations
  • Billing review and quality control (so you don’t bill someone for the wrong thing!)

Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line

Medical billers have always been an important part of the healthcare institution as a whole. However, they no longer use a paper and pen; many work from home, transcribing codes to make sure that the patient pays for the right service and the doctor is paid the money she/he is owed. You don’t want to slap a patient with an unrelated bill for a two-hour long psychologist appointment when they were just going in for a first-time appointment. Having a good medical biller working for your organization is critical to patient and provider satisfaction.

The financial health of service providers rests in the hands of medical billers. If you choose an incompetent coder or biller, it can grind the wheels to a halt.

Medical Billing Outsourcing

With more companies outsourcing their billing, it is incredibly important to choose a medical biller that is experienced and has a good track-record. The Psych Biller has years of experience billing for medical professionals, chiropractic and mental health professionals alike, as well as many small businesses. Putting this experience to work remotely for your practice is less expensive than an in-house biller, as the cost of an extra office and the overhead that goes with more employees and filing cabinets is not cheap. With cost-effective HIPAA compliant billing records and communications and complete mental health insurance verification, your billing times will be cut substantially.