While the idea of the virtual office is nothing new, the past 10 months have really seen it come into its own as people really weigh the benefits to decide whether they should invest in a virtual office.

Granted, many of the people who adopted this concept did so grudgingly, with everything from schools to ad agencies to health providers like yourself forced into virtual business by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yet many workers say that now that they’ve tasted the virtual office life, they’re in no hurry to return to the old system.

You might find that you and your practice can benefit from switching to a virtual office, even after the pandemic is done. Consider the following:

1 – Cut down on commuting, improve productivity and turnover

Instead of spending an hour — or more — each day preparing for and getting to work, employees in a virtual office can instead get a jumpstart on their day with more focus and improve their overall productivity.

Productivity increases in these situations because your workers will have specific goals that they need to reach on their own each day. And if your employees get the chance to work remotely, you might see turnover decrease, as they are happier with their jobs.

2 – Use vacation days for actual vacation

How many times have you or your employees had to use a vacation day to get your car inspected? Or to see a dentist? To look after your kids on a day where their school was closed but your office was open?

When you and your team work from home, you can carve out time during the day for these tasks and still get your work done, allowing you to save your vacation time for actual vacations.

3 – More active employees

We weren’t meant to sit behind desks all day, but it’s easy to fall into that trap when you’re at work. Some companies institute programs to encourage their workers to exercise, but your workers — free to roam their houses all day — may find themselves moving around more now that they aren’t at work.

4 – Less overhead

With a virtual office, you’ll avoid having to spend money on some of the things that come with a brick-and-mortar location. Even if you still keep an office for yourself and have a virtual staff, you’ll be able to lease a smaller space and save on utility and other costs, allowing you to pass those savings onto patients.

5 – A larger talent pool

There was a time when hiring new employees meant recruiting from a group of applicants who lived nearby or were willing to relocate.

When with a virtual office, you can recruit people from all over the country, if not the world. As long as they can coordinate their schedules with yours, you might find people who meet your precise qualifications, even if they are in another state.

Invest in a Virtual Office: Remote Medical Coding and Billing

If you have a small practice, juggling patient hours and patient communication can be difficult. You have to focus on the person in your sessions, but you may not always be able to attend to the important calls that can help your practice grow. It may be prudent to invest in a virtual office to get many if not all of the benefits described above.

That’s where The Psych Biller can help. With our virtual office support, you’ll get:

  • A practice represented each business day by an experienced billing and customer service professional
  • Full-time virtual billing
  • All calls returned quickly, allowing you to turn that contact into revenue

We can tailor our phone coverage to your specific practice, passing on information to you in a neat report. Contact us today at 800-955-3461 for more information on how we can help your practice.