One important thing to know about billing insurances companies as a psychologist are the CPT codes, plus you may be wondering will medical coding be automated? So what are the most widely used CPT codes? Well, there are three main ones. These include: a 90791, which is an intake session that is to be billed for your first appointment with a new patient only, a 90834, which is to be used for a 45-55 minute individual therapy appointment, and a 90837, which is a 56 + minute individual therapy session.

It really is this simple when you are dealing with an individual therapy session. However, if you are dealing with family therapy, therapy with a family member/individual who is not present for the session, group therapy or something else, you will need to know further medical billing codes.

Will Medical Coding Become Automated?

Most likely the industry wont become automated. There are too many variables and each patient claim is a case by case scenario. There are many things to diagnose which we discuss below. On top of that each claim requires you to submit a specific diagnosis, and checking benefits and eligibility. The process is very in depth and we cover this process below.

How To Make a Diagnoses

So how do you know which diagnosis to use? Well, it is your duty, as laid out by the insurance companies and their subsequent claims, to submit the most up to date and realistic diagnosis you can for each session. One good tip for handling this is to always use a specified diagnosis. After the ICD10 / DSM-5 change, diagnoses that are not specific are repeatedly getting rejected by Medicare.

Checking Benefits and Eligibility

Another thing you may need to know about billing insurance companies for mental health services is how to check benefits and eligibility. There are several steps to this. First, you will call the insurance card’s customer service number (found on the back of card), verify mental health patients benefits and eligibility, and then exchange information. Of course there is much more to this process and much more to the mental health billing process in general, including: learning how to submit claims, how to verify the payment information and receipt of claims and more.

The Benefits of a Billing Service

This highlights just how important a billing service can be. You have several options when it comes to them, including: an in-house biller (in which you have control, but also high costs) or an outsourced service (in which you lose control and lower costs). However, there’s a way to have it all. With The Psych Biller, costs are low and you retain control. Let The Psych Biller create and maintain complete medical billing codes and a virtual billing office for your private practice.